Absente – Absinthe Refined

When Absinthe was allowed in 2000, after a nearly 100-years ban, it was mainly addressing art lovers. Absinthe drinkers were then looking to go through the emotions Vincent Van Gogh experienced 150 years ago when absinthe was the signature drink of the greatest artists. Today, absinthe’s growing number of aficionados are not only searching to connect with art and history, but also valuing a unique taste experience.

Using artisanal distillation methods and high-quality ingredients, including the infamous botanical Wormwood, Absente is relatively easy to the palate, thanks to the perfect balance of Wormwood, anise, mint and spices. The result is a very aromatic and intense taste, fresh and slightly spicy with a dominance of herbs and a bitter finish.

Absente is 110 proof, giving consumers a full experience without sacrificing the taste. It can be used in cocktails, to recreate the legendary Sazerac, or to spice up more common recipes. Hence Absinthe Spritz or Absinthe Tonic.

Purists, though, will prefer the Green Fairy Ritual. Pour 2oz of absinthe in a glass, place an absinthe spoon with a sugar cube on top of the glass, pour 2 oz of water over that sugar, stir it using the absinthe spoon and drink. The addition of water allows the spirit to “blossom,” bringing out many of the flavors. It also turns the drink cloudy, an effect referred as louche.

During the Belle Epoque era, Vincent Van Gogh was certainly one of the biggest absinthe drinkers. His work and personality are closely associated to absinthe. Absente pays him a vibrant homage coming in an artistic gift box, with the spoon needed for the ritual.

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