Avallen Calvados

Looking for a taste of Normandy this Christmas? Look no further than Avallen Calvados. This apple Calvados, which is made from nothing but apples, water and time, is completely natural with no additives or added sugar, making it really planet positive.  Not only does Avallen make every business decision with the planet in mind, but they are also a Certified B Corp – a recognition granted only to the most conscious of businesses. And it’s also changing the game with its new paper bottles.  Far more robust than glass and six times lighter, weighing in at just 82 grams, this bottle significantly reduce the brand’s carbon footprint and makes it ideal for posting as a Christmas gift.

Avallen can be drunk on its own or as a cocktail. For this Christmas try the Christmas Bee cocktail – 30ml Avallen mixed with a spoon of honey, dash of orange bitters and topped with Champagne. Perfect for Christmas morning.


‘Av and Avallen this Christmas!

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