Bien-dire Initial French Audio Magazine

Bien-dire Initial French Audio Magazine

Bien-dire Initial French Audio Magazine

Now you can start learning French or improve your level with Bien-dire Initial, the bi-monthly audio magazine for beginner to intermediate speakers.

Published six times a year, Bien-dire Initial not only helps you improve your fluency, it also helps you understand what it is to be French.

Bien-dire Initial – The Printed Magazine and Audio (MP3 or CD)

The 52-page glossy magazine is packed full of lively articles and in-depth interviews about France and French culture. There are regular features on a range of topics including travel, business, the arts, cinema, politics, sport, cuisine, popular culture, plus profiles on leading personalities and issues making the news.

Alongside each article in French key words and phrases are glossed into English. Every feature is carefully chosen and graded for difficulty so you can assess your progress (CEFR levels: A1-B1). Each article will keep you up to date with idiomatic expressions as well as practical information about contemporary life in France.

The accompanying MP3 audio download (or audio CD) is the perfect tool for improving listening comprehension and building confidence in speaking French. Put together by a team of professional narrators, the 60 minutes of audio provides well-paced readings of the key articles from the magazine, together with pronunciation and intonation exercises. The audio component of the subscription will enable you to significantly improve your ability to understand French as it’s really spoken.

Bien-dire Initial – The gift that lasts all year!

What’s more, because it’s a periodical, your study of French is always maintained, and you won’t forget what you’ve worked so hard to learn; this is why Bien-dire Initial has become an invaluable, authentic resource for thousands of teachers and students alike.

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