Big Hug Heated Blanket

Big Hug Heated Blanket

Stoov’s Big Hug comes in two sizes (Big Hug and Big Hug XL) and can be used as a seat cover or blanket

The Big Hug is a cordless heating pad with infrared technology and rechargeable battery, currently available in two fabrics, “original” which is super soft and fits every style, and the “woolly” which feels similar to a sheepskin.

All of Stoov’s products are cordless, with 3 heat settings. Turn on your Stoov via the smart label and choose your personal heat setting. Thanks to its powerful Li-lon battery, you will enjoy hours of cosy warmth for up to 6 hours.

The infrared heat technology is proven safe for long-term use. The heat elements at the top of the heating pad make direct contact with your body. The heat penetrates deep into your skin and no heat is lost to the air.

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