French Designer Silk Scarf – L’Illustration Belle Epoque

Indulge yourself in wearable art!

From “L’Illustration Belle Epoque” to Rodier all the way to Yves Saint Laurent, these large hand-rolled, 100% heavy silk twill scarves are sure to capture your attention with their beauty and elegance.

When Miss Coco started “Voilà by Coco” in 2017, little did she know that she would later be approached by Christian Bounaix, one of the first distributors of designer scarves from France’s most prestigious fashion houses. Adhering to the principles of quality, elegance, and service has been the key to over 50 years of Christian’s success.

Miss Coco and Christian engaged in a long-distance hand-shake agreement, and they are now working together to bring these scarves to you. Each one is a piece of art. Each one is exquisite.

Scarves are always in fashion. They are just worn differently depending on the times. As hair accessories, as handbag or tote bag accoutrements, as jewelry around the neck, as a belt, the possibilities are almost endless.

Miss Coco’s note: I personally love “L’Illustration Belle Epoque” scarves. The designs draw me to the scenes they represent and make me feel that I am in a fine gallery or an art museum. They are truly out of this world! I fell in love with them the minute I saw them, and I know my customers have the same experience and emotions when they see them.

Free shipping on all orders in the US only. International shipping is available for all scarves. International customers please email or call Coco to arrange shipping.

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