French Like Moi: A Midwesterner in Paris

A Midwest Indie Bestseller!

When Scott Carpenter moves from Minnesota to Paris, little does he suspect the dramas that await: scheming neighbors, police denunciations, surly demonstrators, cooking disasters, medical mishaps―not to mention all those lectures about cheese! It turns out that nothing in the City of Light can be taken for granted, where even trips to the grocery store lead to adventure.

In French Like Moi, Carpenter guides us through the merry labyrinth of the everyday, one hilarious faux pas after another. Through it all, he keeps his eye on the central mystery of what makes the French French (and Midwesterners Midwestern).

Reading French Like Moi is like strolling through Paris with your own personal flâneur—one who can find the perfect meal, dissect French motives, conquer bureaucracy, and keep you laughing all the way.

The American Library in Paris 2021 Coup de Coeur award

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