Gastronomic break

Embark on a Gastronomic Journey in the Heart of Beaujolais Countryside

Indulge in a weekend tailored for avid enthusiasts of French cuisine and natural wines. ‘A Taste of French’ welcomes you to its rustic haven for an authentic experience in Beaujolais.

Meet Your Host and Guide: Mélie

Mélie, a seasoned sommelier and dedicated culinary artist, offers an immersive experience in the art of gastronomy. With a passion for natural wines and a talent for crafting delectable dishes, expect warm hospitality and expert guidance for a truly memorable stay.

Natural Wine Exploration

Discover the essence of natural wines— with minimal intervention and a true reflection of the terroir. Each bottle tells a unique story of French winemaking artistry . Our shared moments are relaxed, creating a welcoming and non-intimidating experience for all participants.

Charming Countryside Stay

Your apartment exudes rustic charm and warmth. Wake up to stunning views, a testament to the natural beauty surrounding you. Here, hospitality is a lifestyle, not just a gesture.

Gastronomic Delight

During the wine pairing dinner, anticipate a Gastronomic Delight. A meticulously curated menu, prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, is paired with our exceptional natural wines, highlighting the harmonious marriage of flavors and enhancing your dining experience.

French Culinary Workshop

To culminate your weekend, engage in a hands-on French Cooking Workshop. Guided by a skilled chef, craft a traditional dish embodying the essence of French regional gastronomy.

Celebrate Authenticity: Reserve Your Spot

This exclusive retreat celebrates authenticity, paying homage to the bountiful treasures of our local terroir. All activities can be conducted in both English and French. Reserve now for a weekend of unparalleled sensory exploration, where each sip and each bite pays tribute to nature’s finest offerings. Limited availability; secure your spot in this immersive gourmet adventure now.

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