GOOD TASTE: A Life of Food and Passion by Alain Ducasse

At twelve years old, Alain Ducasse had never been to a restaurant. Less than fifteen years later, he received his first Michelin star. Today he is one of just two chefs in the world to have been awarded 21 stars altogether.

Now, for the very first time, Ducasse shares his extraordinary culinary journey with the release of his highly anticipated book, Good Taste. This memoir-cum-manifesto captures the essence of Ducasse’s illustrious career and the core of his philosophy, inspirations and creative process.

Good Taste takes the reader back to his modest childhood in the French countryside, where he picked mushrooms with his grandfather and found a passion for cooking with his grandmother. We follow Ducasse’s journey to becoming a chef, through tales of his apprenticeships across France and heartfelt stories of mentorship under revered chefs.

The book also serves as a poignant ode to the humble vegetable that Ducasse’s cuisine seeks to elevate, explaining how his early years growing up on a farm fed into his philosophy of ‘Naturality’ and his connection to the land, producers and growers. This pioneering approach to a sustainable, vegetable-based style of cuisine was many years before its time.

Readers are granted exclusive access to the behind-the-scene moments that have shaped Ducasse’s life, leading him to set up ground-breaking restaurants and schools across the world.
Good Taste also sets out his personal commitment to never stop creating and trying new things, and his vision for the future as he passes on his passion and knowledge to the next generation of chefs.

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