Mirabeau Rose Gin

A classically styled gin that aims to transport you on a sensory voyage to the French Riviera. The clever use of 100% grape base spirit and added touch of Rosé wine provides a unique roundness – one to savour!

It might be pink, but expect a traditional gin with French flair – it’s not fruity nor sweet. Juniper leads lemony citrus and floral notes of jasmine, lavender and rose. Herbal bay leaf and thyme follow. Garnish with a lemon in a G&T.

7 botanicals are macerated in grape-based neutral spirit with a small addition of Rosé wine. 24h later, it’s distilled with 5 more botanicals suspended in a basket. The distillation process lasts over six hours.

Mirabeau is the passion project of Jeany and Stephen Cronk, who moved to France to establish their winery in 2009.The Mirabeau estate has since established itself as quality name producing dry, gastronomic rosé wines.

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