The Classic Christmas Hamper

The Classic Christmas Hamper

The hamper comes with a booklet to guide you through your tasting, alongside general cheese and wine tips. Also included are Mouse & Grape tasting notes and pairing recommendations. You can use your free pencil to make notes and record your thoughts as you enjoy your unique at home tasting experience.

Pre-order on or before Thursday 15th December for delivery on Wednesday 21st or Thursday 22nd December. To pre-order please write ‘For Christmas’ at the top of your personalised gift message section as you purchase your hamper.


2020 Sancerre Blanc Loire Valley

2015 Petit Becot St Emilion Grand Cru

Saint Maure De Touraine 240g

Napoleon 150g

Keen’s Cheddar 150g

Fourme D’Ambert or Saint Nectaire 150g

Peters Yard Sourdough Crackers

The Fine Cheese Co Cherry Jam 113g

Wilkin & Sons of Tiptree Pure Honey 28g Mini Jar

Limited Edition Mouse & Grape corkscrew

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