Perfect Cellar TastingBOX

Perfect Cellar TastingBOX:

The TastingBOX, combines wine and tech, giving customers the opportunity to try fine wines and a sommelier experience from the comfort of their own sofas. Containing a selection of three or six 100ml wines and starting at the price of £22, it is the perfect Christmas gift for any aspiring sommeliers or wine fans to taste a variety of the highest quality wine.

The TastingBOX includes a QR code on each label, linking to detailed tasting notes and background on every wine included. The TastingBOX also includes an invitation to join Perfect Cellar’s live tasting experiences which combines tech and tradition and is brought to you by Master Sommelier, Christoper Delalonde on your Amazon Alexa device. A first in the industry, it allows wine lovers to explore the background and origins of the wine they are tasting at home and for a fraction of the price.

Perfect Cellar customers can also enjoy and collate their very own virtual wine cellar, allowing them to manage their wine stock and keep their own personal tasting notes to advise on their next purchase.

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