12 piece Signature Assortment

This carefully chosen medley includes six pairs of iconic flavors: velvety vanilla from Madagascar, sumptuous caramel from Belgium, luxurious chocolate from Venezuela, earthy pistachio from Sicily, aromatic coffee from South America, and tangy Willamette raspberry from France. Each pair allows you to savor your favorite flavor not just once, but twice—a second bite of heaven, if you will.

On the outside, our macarons are nothing short of a masterpiece. Each shell boasts a glossy, jewel-like surface that contrasts elegantly with its ruffled base—the artisanal hallmark of an authentic French macaron. This frilly flourish, commonly known as the “foot”, adds a playful layer of texture that dances on the palate.

Intricately balanced, the macaron shells are fashioned from the finest ingredients sourced from around the globe. Italian meringue provides the structure, while Californian almonds impart a gentle, nuanced flavor, and Valencia almonds enrich the experience with their unparalleled creamy texture. The creation of each macaron shell is a ritual—an alchemy of expertise, precision, and passion. Ten seasoned pastry chefs labor intensively to achieve an ideal harmony where the shell yields effortlessly with a tender crack, yet remains resilient enough to not crumble, guiding your taste buds seamlessly to the delectable core: the filling.

At the heart of each macaron lies the extravagant filling—a symphony of either velvety buttercream, sultry ganaches, or vibrant, fresh fruit jams. And because we believe in indulgence, each zMacaron is slightly more generous, weighing in at a luxurious 16g, compared to the industry norm of 14g. Don’t expect overpowering sweetness; instead, revel in the balanced interplay between almond flour and exquisite fillings.

Elevate any occasion—or simply treat yourself—to this Signature Assortment, a collection that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also leaves an indelible mark on your culinary soul. Consider it a curated experience, a royal gateway to the unparalleled world of zChocolat’s sumptuous macaron offerings. Perfect for gifting or for personal indulgence, this selection stands as one of the pinnacles of French culinary craftsmanship.

Absolutely free from gluten, artificial coloring, and gelatin, each bite is an echo of authenticity and a tribute to artisanal excellence. If you’ve been captivated by the decadence of zChocolates, prepare to be utterly enchanted by the exquisite allure of zMacarons.

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