To taste, expect a grapefruit bitterness and jammy grapefruit tang to produce a grapefruit aperitif that almost fizzes with citrus. Try it with prosecco and a splash of soda.

Grapefruit is sent to a winery in south-western France where it’s treated three ways (macerated and distilled, pressed juice, infused). It’s combined with distillates such as yuzu, cedrat, bitter orange bigarade, quinine, gentian and grape eau-de-…

Pampelle was founded by drinks industry maverick Patrick Borg, who wanted to disrupt the Italian heavy aperitif category by creating a low sugar, low ABV French alternative. It is now part of Next Frontier Brands.

The star ingredient are ruby red grapefruits, which are hand-picked in Corsica, and while the contract producer is undisclosed, they are based on banks of the River Charente in France.

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