Say It With Champers premium Champagne

Champagne Neveux-Rousseau is located in Jonquery, an area recognised for the quality of its Pinot Meunier, in the heart of the Marne Valley. Following a long line of winegrowers, and now in its seventh generation, Champagne Neveux-Rousseau has been making exceptional Champagnes respecting the purest traditions.

 “Our family produce a fine Champagne that will surprise and delight with a well balanced character with extraordinary balance and taste”, says Didier Penine, Director of Say It With Champers“The vineyard is among the finest Crus in Champagne : Jonquery, Sainte-Gemme in Marne Valley and Villers-Marmery 1st Cru in Montagne de Reims. Our vineyard is made up Pinot Meunier (35%), Chardonnay (35%) and Pinot Noir (30%).”

 The Champagne comes with the added bonus of being vegan-friendly, so Say It With Champers can guarantee that no animal by products were used in the production of their premium bubbly.

 You can purchase Say It With Champers premium Champagne in two ways: if you would like your bubbly personalised, simply navigate to their shop, select the design you want, and make sure you choose ‘Premium’ Champagne on checkout.

 Alternatively, if you would like to purchase their bubbly without the personalised label, simply go to the vegan Champagne product page.

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